about MARCIA CUSTER (MC Uster)

I am interested in awkward bodies, behavior modification methods, and pop culture. I make work about the underdog, the clown, the fool, who is most likely me (and you). Using analog technologies and both found and homemade objects, I develop and reveal the tenuous relationships between humans and things, humans and media, and humans and humans (most oftentimes, ourselves). 

Based in Cleveland, Marcia Custer's original work has most recently premiered in Theater Ninjas' Broken Codes, SPACES, The Movement Project's New Works, and The Women of Achievement Awards. Since 2012, Marcia Custer’s choreographic works have been performed at The Regional American College Dance Festival (Athens, OH) The Ohio Dance Festival (Ashland, OH), The Transforum Fringe Festival, Standing Rock Cultural Arts, and The E.Z. Blackbox Laboratory Show Series (Kent, OH). In 2013, she received the Alpha Psi Omega award for Outstanding Choreographer as well as the School of Theatre and Dance Scholarship Award for excellence in creative work and scholarship. In 2014, she received the School of Theatre and Dance Award for Outstanding Choreographer.

MC is currently working with the collaborative performance/production group SPACEBEACH, creating and performing experimental theater and sound events in Northeast Ohio.