Marcia Custer as “Stacey” at Helltrap Nightmare, Chicago

14 year-old Marcia

14 year-old Marcia

about Marcia Custer

Marcia Custer is a valley-girl-vocalizing, noise-making clown-witch with a penchant for both the bizarre and the sublime. She is a musician, performer, comedian, dancer, and producer.

Marcia makes live performance and sound events by building worlds of psychic chaos and physical comedy in real time. There are usually wigs and dolls. A lot of it is improvised. Whatever happens on stage (or in a basement, or a bookstore, or a backyard) is informed by the moment, the feelings in the room, the taste of the air.

Her critically acclaimed debut album “Stacey’s Spacey” was released in 2018 on Unifactor Tapes.

Marcia has performed at festivals like Pitchfork, Savage Weekend, Voice of the Valley, and has been a special guest at Helltrap Nightmare. Her premiere one-woman noise-comedy "i went down to the water and found myselfie there" (co-produced by Cleveland Public Theater) has been seen in Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Chapel Hill, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh.

She holds a B.A. in Dance from Kent State University, where she received the Alpha Psi Omega award for Outstanding Choreographer, the School of Theater and Dance Scholarship Award for Excellence in Creative Scholarship and the School of Theater and Dance Award for Outstanding Choreographer. She completed a post-baccalaureate program at Headlong Performance Institute (Philadelphia)  in 2016. Based in Cleveland, you can find her performing as Stacey- the ultimate teen clown weirdo, acting as a divorcée in youtube series 2 Divorced Moms with artist Ben Oblivion, or facilitating expressive and healing dance sessions at her weekly OPEN Movement classes.

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Reviews of “Stacey’s Spacey” (available on Unifactor)

"The results on Stacey’s Spacey are hilarious, moving, unsettling, and mesmerizing. Custer shifts deftly between childlike melodies, weird electronics, and abstract soundscapes. Some other characters emerge as the songs progress, and though the tape’s narrative arc isn’t totally explicit, it’s marked by consistent motifs, especially Custer’s infectious sense of humor."

- Marc Masters, Hi Bias: Notable Cassette Releases on Bandcamp, July 2018

"It's actually these dichotomies that Custer does well to eradicate, segueing fluidly between pain and playtime, seriousness and parody, noise and melody, comedy and horror. This is one real nutball of a debut - her live shows must be great."

-Tristan Bath, Spool's Out: July's Best Releases On Cassette

"...if NKOTB released something as wildly entertaining as “Stacey’s Spacey,” they might find themselves back on top!... Nothing short of showstopping... Warbling melodies and samples, noise and pitch-shifted vocals all coexist in the cramped alternate-reality children’s madhouse of Custer’s mind.... Mike Haley went so far as to admit to me in an email that “Stacey’s Spacey” was “literally [the] first tape my kids liked.”

Ryan Masteller, Tabs Out Cassette Podcast