photo by Matthew Chasney

about Marcia Custer

I am interested in awkward bodies, behavior modification methods, and pop culture. I make work about the underdog, the clown, the fool, who is most likely me (and you). Using analog technologies and both found and homemade objects, I develop and reveal the tenuous relationships between humans and things, humans and media, and humans and humans (most oftentimes, ourselves). 

Marcia Custer is a valley-girl-vocalizing, noise-making clown-witch with a penchant for both the bizarre and the sublime. She makes live performance and sound events by building worlds of psychic chaos and physical comedy in real time. There are usually wigs and dolls. Whatever happens on stage (or in a basement, or a bookstore, or a backyard) is informed by the moment, the feelings in the room, the taste of the air. Her premier one-woman noise-comedy "i went down to the water and found myselfie there" (co-produced by Cleveland Public Theater) has been seen in Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Chapel Hill, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh. She holds a B.A. in Dance from Kent State University, where she received the Alpha Psi Omega award for Outstanding Choreographer, the School of Theater and Dance Scholarship Award for Excellence in Creative Scholarship and the School of Theater and Dance Award for Outstanding Choreographer. She completed a post-baccalaureate program at Headlong Performance Institute (Philadelphia)  in 2016. Based in Cleveland, you can find her singing in freak-pop band Half an Animal and acting as a divorcĂ©e in youtube series 2 Divorced Moms with artist Ben Oblivion.

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