Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all having a great summer! It is hot hot hot here in Cleveland. And I've been busy, busy, busy. I wanted to drop a quick line and update you with news for July! 

The residency at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts just ended and I am so grateful for the time and space I was given. Artist Ben Oblivion and I worked and had a lot of fun on Peg & Deb: Two Divorced Moms...The Talk Show!, I developed a dance class and was able to workshop ideas for coming work. 

See *2 Divorced Moms THIS SATURDAY*

Saturday July 7th, 12pm-1pm @ SPACES (2900 Detroit Ave)

One-day-only show- This is a live daytime talk show/variety/pageant! There will be laughing, crying, live bloopers, choreographed dance, commercials by local video artists, and mimosas! We hope you can make it! (tickets are limited!)

Check out an interview with Peg and Deb by CoolCleveland correspondent Stephan Haluska


*OpenMovement Tuesdays with Marcia*

Drop-in Tuesdays 7pm-8:15pm, $10 per class (or 5 sessions for $40)- cash, venmo, or paypal!

OpenMovement is a guided somatic experience I will be leading every Tuesday at Maelstrom Collaborative Art's space starting July 17th. We will engage with our bodies, stretch, move, and have fun! Come groove!

Open to anyone and everyone!

July Calendar:

Sa 7/7 - Peg & Deb: Two Divorced Moms...The Talk Show! @  Spaces

Th 7/12- Sa 7/14 - MC performing as part of the Short Form event at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts (more info here)

Tu 7/17 - OpenMovement begins!

Fri 7/20 - Stacey's Spacey Tape Release @ Happy Dog West (playing with Thelma and the Sleaze and Kiernan Paradise)

Sat 7/21 - Stacey @ Helltrap Nightmare (Chicago)

Sun 7/22 - MC performing at Bookfort @ Pitchfork (Chicago)

Fri 7/27 - Stacey Blazer (collab. with Khaki Blazer) 


Thanks for reading, and hope to see you this month.


*MC FANMAIL* June 2018

Hello Friends & Supporters,

Welcome to the *first ever* edition of MC FANMAIL

I'm starting this monthly email communique as a way of keeping ~fans~ in the loop.

You are fans in the sense that you wave me on when I might otherwise feel stuck, and you help me keep cool in these hot summer months.

You inspire me to make art, which can be an exciting, terrifying, surprisingly mundane, and oftentimes life-changing process.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I couldn't do it without you.


"Thumbs up" STACEY performs at HELLTRAP NIGHTMARE (Chicago comedy show) in April. 



1. I recorded my first solo album!

It's a concept cassette called "Stacey's Spacey" and I'm super proud of it. I made all of the sounds/music/written material myself and it is a wild ride. It will be coming out later this month on a *top secret* label and I will be sure to include the link to the digital recording and cassette purchasing options in the July edition of *MC FANMAIL*


2. Peg and Deb: Two Divorced Moms…The Talk Show! Goes live July 7th

Saturday July  7th, 12pm @ SPACES gallery-- Join me and my collaborator Ben Oblivion for the live filming of our off-beat, absurdist "talk show"... See a pilot version here. The show has only a 40 person capacity, and it's sure to be a really funny, heartwarming, and weird hour of live "television." You can purchase tickets here. There will be mimosas.


Peg and Deb visit the Big Apple (from Episode 1)

3) Residency at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts

Maelstrom Collaborative Arts has been generous enough to host me for 2 weeks in June at their beautiful (air conditioned!!) space in Gordon Square. I will be spending that time developing new material for an upcoming Fall East Coast tour, rehearsing for 2 Divorced Moms, and creating some structure for dance classes I'd like to try out (see below). I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity to flail around and dance like no one is watching (because I'll be all alone, probably talking to myself a lot). I honestly can't wait!


4) I'm hosting some FEEL GOOD movement classes

Lately, I've been missing having a physical practice. When I say physical practice, I mean all of the things I've learned I can do to feel my body engaged, stretching, changing, shaping, feeling, thinking, and being present. I'll be using some time during my 2 week residency at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts to workshop and host classes/hold space for ALL body types and levels of experience to explore. Please let me know if you'd like to join in.


Classes will be held at the following days and times:

Thursday June 21st at 7pm

Monday June 25th at 7pm

@ Maelstrom Collaborative Arts, 5301 Detroit Ave, Cleveland Ohio.

That's it for now! 

Thanks so much for reading.

Have a great June,


let's do a thing ... vol: 1 beauty

Dear Friends,

With the help of some the most adventurous NE Ohio performance + video artists, a fantastically air-conditioned art gallery of the finest decree (CANOPY!) and a great group of intrepid and responsive show-goers, the first volume of LETS DO A THING... was a huge success!

It was so wonderful to see how these performance, most of which started as seeds elsewhere (predominantly at the Works-In-Progress events, now hosted at Guide to Kulchur!) grew, developed and worked within the framework of this volume's theme: BEAUTY.

each one of these faces. PERFECT.

each one of these faces. PERFECT.

the program:

erasure/bowled over - dicpic

Talking to Myself with you - Boaz Bair

Clean Living: The Domestic Mouth - Josh Novak + Marcia Custer

Dramathon - Pete Bach


I'm already looking forward to what NEW things we can cook up for the Fall 2015 LETS DO A THING...

photos + poster design by: MORGAN MZIK

dear internet, hello friends! (an update)

Dear internet, 

this week has been very exciting. new research and development with doll (performers + friends) stacey and eva, and looking into FRIENDSHIP and what love between GIRLFRIENDS means. also, POP CULTURE is always fun (titanic singalongs and learning lite puppetry)

on tuesday, i was able to share some movement knowledge in my new workshop series People Moving Together, which is for any body, any age, any time. we stretched, played and danced to dan deacon, which was *so*much*fun*/ the next class is tuesday july 14.

on wednesday, i got to perform the *new* Revenge of Stacey set alongside some amazing artists at Guide to Kulchur. Alyssa D'Amico opened with her NRML GRL set in which it rained fresh flowers, she made me feel like i was in high school rapping at the window of an ex boyfriend, and it was CLEANSING. then Rob Rosin (KRYCEK) sang mountain songs over synthesized sludge and spoke of intimate moments i felt lucky to be made privy to. and last, CYNTHIA SPENCER from Oly, WA killed the vocal loop game, being a shining diamanda galas with softer edges, so maybe like a gemstone-da galas. Anyway, her words were wonderful and i want to hear them again.

now i am enjoying the weekend. i hope you do, too, dearest internet! independence! perhaps you can even watch some fireworks. i'm excited to see more, do more, and play more. i'm excited for the future! i'm excited to bring my research and my interests to new audiences / i'm just pretty excited. ok, g2g!

xoxo, MC