let's do a thing ... vol: 1 beauty

Dear Friends,

With the help of some the most adventurous NE Ohio performance + video artists, a fantastically air-conditioned art gallery of the finest decree (CANOPY!) and a great group of intrepid and responsive show-goers, the first volume of LETS DO A THING... was a huge success!

It was so wonderful to see how these performance, most of which started as seeds elsewhere (predominantly at the Works-In-Progress events, now hosted at Guide to Kulchur!) grew, developed and worked within the framework of this volume's theme: BEAUTY.

each one of these faces. PERFECT.

each one of these faces. PERFECT.

the program:

erasure/bowled over - dicpic

Talking to Myself with you - Boaz Bair

Clean Living: The Domestic Mouth - Josh Novak + Marcia Custer

Dramathon - Pete Bach


I'm already looking forward to what NEW things we can cook up for the Fall 2015 LETS DO A THING...

photos + poster design by: MORGAN MZIK