dear internet, hello friends! (an update)

Dear internet, 

this week has been very exciting. new research and development with doll (performers + friends) stacey and eva, and looking into FRIENDSHIP and what love between GIRLFRIENDS means. also, POP CULTURE is always fun (titanic singalongs and learning lite puppetry)

on tuesday, i was able to share some movement knowledge in my new workshop series People Moving Together, which is for any body, any age, any time. we stretched, played and danced to dan deacon, which was *so*much*fun*/ the next class is tuesday july 14.

on wednesday, i got to perform the *new* Revenge of Stacey set alongside some amazing artists at Guide to Kulchur. Alyssa D'Amico opened with her NRML GRL set in which it rained fresh flowers, she made me feel like i was in high school rapping at the window of an ex boyfriend, and it was CLEANSING. then Rob Rosin (KRYCEK) sang mountain songs over synthesized sludge and spoke of intimate moments i felt lucky to be made privy to. and last, CYNTHIA SPENCER from Oly, WA killed the vocal loop game, being a shining diamanda galas with softer edges, so maybe like a gemstone-da galas. Anyway, her words were wonderful and i want to hear them again.

now i am enjoying the weekend. i hope you do, too, dearest internet! independence! perhaps you can even watch some fireworks. i'm excited to see more, do more, and play more. i'm excited for the future! i'm excited to bring my research and my interests to new audiences / i'm just pretty excited. ok, g2g!

xoxo, MC