://infinity is still confusing (Or: HELP, My Brain Hurts)

"dear diary,
▲feelings are weird, life is A LOT, and dance can help ((some times.))▲
the good news is::: you are all invited to the most ✩epic✩ sleepover event of the year."

an evening-length show incorporating marcia custer's dance works them/help, it's like..., avalanche ice cream along with new works 2 dogs 1 shark, crown envy and flashlight tag into a cohesive narrative requiring audience participation and live on-stage tape manipulation.

Premiered: April 2013. Kent State University.

Performers: Bri Brannon, Marcia Custer Danielle Franklin, Aaron Howell, Melissa Janecke, Susanne Ketchum, Katie Knettel, Laiana Lewis, Dakota Lindesmith, Emily O'Dell, Emily Sweeney, Allyson Taulbee

Photographs Courtsey: Chris Corsi