avalanche ice cream (or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Martha Graham)

Martha Graham's seminal 1944 work Appalachian Spring: A cosmic joke on modern dance and social research or something more? 

Questions about Appalachian Spring led to the creation of this contemporary dance work, avalanche ice cream, created in 2012 and restaged in 2014 as part of ://Infinity is still confusing...


Premiered: November 2012. Restaged April 2014. Kent State University.

Music: "For Marcia" by Alec Schumann + "Un Annee Sans Lumiere" by Arcade Fire.

Photographs courtesy: Chris Corsi

Performers pictured: Bri Brannon, Claire Dieringer, Danielle Franklin, Katie Knettel, Dakota Lindesmith, Emily Sweeney 

Original cast:  Bri Brannon, Claire Dieringer, Vincent Ester, Danielle Franklin, Dakota Lindesmith, Andrew White